What are the typical hours of operation?

Our Office hours are between 9am–5pm EST Monday to Friday. However, our clinical hours vary. Many of our therapists offer evening and weekend’s sessions.

My child is less than 4 years old, what services are available for them?

Our services are geared for children between  4 and 18 years of age. For children under 4, we may recommend parenting or other helpful services however we  rarely work directly with the child. We may also refer you to community partners that can assist you.

Do you have multiple locations?

Yes, we do.  If we do not have an actual physical location in your area, we will certainly accommodate with you virtual or online services when able.

Do you have camps available during summer or on holidays?

Yes we do, but not in all areas. Please check our online updates to see if and where our camps will be held in your area.

Do you have remote services like telephone coaching or counselling?

Yes we do. Almost all of our services can now be provided online. For many people this provides convenience and unlimited accessibility.

Do you have services for adults?

As we are a child centered organization, our services cater primarily to children and children’s needs. We have parenting services because it coincides with working with children. We may also invite parents in a clinical session if we believe it would be helpful to the child. Part of every intake process is to meet with parents for half the session, so a parent’s perspective is always included in the treatment plan.

Do you offer various pricing plans?

We work with every family to make sure we come up with a pricing plan that meets their needs.

What if my child has multiple diagnoses?

ADHD may present with another diagnosis Eg. ODD, anxiety . This does not stop us from working with your child. However, there may be some locations whose accessibility may be limited or providers who have limited expertise. Please consult your provider to ask if there may be an issue with seeing you as a client if you have concerns.

Can you go to my child’s school to do on site evaluation?

Yes, this is called a Psycho-social visit where we would observe your child at school in a number of different scenarios and bring you back a report. To know more about these services, contact us at info@positivekidsca.com

How is positive kid’s methodology different from the average child counsellor?

Firstly, our model is created solely and exclusively for children diagnosed with ADHD. Secondly, our holistic and collaborative approach is unprecedented in the industry of  mental health and education. ADHD is a unique disorder the requires a multi-disciplinary approach and Positive Kids has brought it all under one umbrella.

Is Positive Kids a franchise?

No, Positive Kids is a private organization that offers services in major cities throughout Canada and the US.

What can I do if I don’t have a Positive Kids located in my neighbourhood?

We offer online options for almost every services we provide. For more information, contact us at info@positivekids.ca

Does your organization provide home visits?

Yes, we do. Some of our providers offer in home visits. To find out if a professional who does home visits is available in your area, email us info@positivekids.ca

Can I use insurance to pay for my child’s services?

All our offerings are a fee-for-service and do not participate directly with any insurance plans. There are many benefits to this arrangement, including increased privacy for clients, greater clinical flexibility in the provision of services, and lower overhead costs. As an out-of-network provider, Positive Kids is responsible and accountable only to you, which allows us to maintain loyalty, avoid conflicts of interest, and provide the best standards of care.

Should you elect to submit a claim for reimbursement from your insurance company, you will need to inquire as to your benefits relating to services covered. After each session or service, a receipt for services shall be provided that includes all the information necessary for submission of a claim, including the appropriate treatment and diagnostic codes, as well as the necessary information about the clinician providing the service.