Our Model

Positive Kids utilizes the LEPS Model (Learning, Emotional, Parenting, Socialization). LEPS is a foundational premise that recognizes that ADHD impedes productivity in these four areas.  Hence, our solutions are tailored with this in mind.

Our model is composed of a child and/or parent working with professionals within a multidisciplinary approach.  Secondly, it’s dyadic-in nature which means some aspects of our program require children to work in pairs and/or  groups.  Thirdly, it’s psycho-educational which means that sessions are structured and educational with the sole purpose of deepening an understanding of ADHD and recommended solutions.

How it works

We begin by assessing your child’s ADHD symptoms before we go into a more in-depth discovery of what your child’s individual needs are. Once we have determined the initial requirements, we set up a schedule for you and your child, breaking down each part of the program, the duration and the sessions, including parent training. All this is plotted on a calendar for you. We have ongoing evaluation plans throughout the treatment to ensure the program continues to work for you and your child. We keep track of all this by using a ‘passport’ provided to you for your child, where everything is compiled and updated regularly by the professionals working with your child at Positive Kids. You can then provide this LEPS passport to your child’s school, doctors and anyone else working with your child; to make them aware of your child’s strengths, areas of improvement, preferences, achievements etc.