ADHD Parent Coaching Program

Parenting isn’t easy especially when your child has attention, behavioral, or learning issues. At Positive Kids, we believe in our parents and we believe their intentions are always loving. However, when parents are misinformed about ADHD and how children are adversely affected by the various challenges it presents, they inadvertently contribute to some of the stressors in their caring attempt to mould and shape their child’s motivations and behaviors. At Positive Kids, we don’t judge, we empathize and understand. Our parenting Coaching program will help parents take control of their home and become empowered parents. In particular we will support parents to:

• Help their child stay on Task and Improve their Behavior
• Help their child with Homework
• Discipline and setup up reward systems
• Advocate for their child in the School System
• Deal with the impact of ADHD on their marriage
• Deal with the impact of ADHD on sibling relationships
• Set up effective bedtime Routine and sleep hygiene
• Become educated about Comorbid Symptoms e.g., Anxiety, depression
• Better understand oppositional Defiance disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) and its relationship to ADHD
• Be better informed on issues regarding medication
• Seek out Therapy and Skills programs
• Source Executive Functioning Professionals
• And so Much more

ADHD is a whole-family issue and we recognize it at such. That is why we’ve incorporated this Parenting component into our holistic ADHD model. You owe it to your family to understand what is going on and try to achieve a balance and calm within your family.

The Positive Kids Parenting Program Is Offered In A Variety Of Formats:

One Time Information Session

Manual Provided. $125

Group format with the goal of training parents on the general subject matter of ADHD as well as best Practices for parenting. This training session is a combination of Presentation, Discussion, Activities, Q and A and Homework.

(4hours) Morning, Afternoon, Weekday and Weekend availability. Ask for details.

Recommended for parents who have limited availability for ongoing sessions but still need support.
Weekly Group

Manual Provided. $50/Session

(1) hour group counselling sessions for parents who require greater support for managing weekly challenges (5-10 sessions). This group session is a combination of coaching, discussion, activities and homework. Parent coaches are available to offer feedback and recommendations on real life occurrences. It also gives parents an opportunity to hear from other parents about what has been effective and exchange ideas.

Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Weekday or Weekend availability. Ask for details.

Recommended for parents who find ongoing support beneficial.

Manual Provided and Covered by Insurance. $150

(1) hour private parenting sessions for parents who need a more personalized approach (4-8 sessions). This program a combination of coaching, discussion, activities, homework and crisis support. Designed specifically for parents who require guidance specifically on how to mange their unique situation with a child who has ADHD.

Scheduled according to availability of Parenting coach and Parent.

Recommended for parents who believe their situation requires individual intervention.
Ongoing Support Group


These are monthly sessions spearheaded by parents for parents of children with ADHD. It is a safe online community to share, post, refer and offer support to parents with the same struggle. This is offered on Facebook. Tune in for details.