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Does your child have trouble focusing on the task at hand?


Does your child have trouble sitting still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings?


Does your child engage in dangerous activity without considering the consequences?


To provide holistic ADHD treatment to children and families under a unified model that takes into account all the challenges presented with an ADHD diagnosis.


To become a hub for families to access safe and trustworthy child ADHD treatment, support and research. 

The Positive Kids “LEPS Model”

Positive Kids was birthed out of a profound need to help communities understand ADHD and its implications on a child’s overall development. Our unique model aims to improve the quality of life for children and youth who have been diagnosed with ADHD as well their parents, educators and those involved in their lives.

We believe all children are unique however ADHD presents some common and predictable characteristics that can be treated so children can thrive and excel at the same pace as their peers. ADHD does not have to be a cruel life sentence because we believe with the right intervention, support and provision, children can master all the deficits and challenges it presents.

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