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In the times that we live in, our children are smarter than ever. They prefer to explore the world digitally, make so called friends through social media outlets and develop mentors through hand held games. We live in a time where children’s IQ is skyrocketing due to the abundance of information available through a myriad of channels. Yet in the same breath, children are losing the fundamental skill of relationship building and EQ is being ravaged. Children are increasing lacking skills necessary to interact with people and solve life problems that are inevitable in the coming years.

When summer arrives, parents need to take charge and give children an opportunity to escape their tech environment. Positive Kids specializes in proving an atmosphere where social skills and relationship building becomes priority. Our summer camps focus on building social and emotional skills through real life connections and interactions! If you are looking for camps Positive Kids encourages you to take them out of this box and give them a promising alternative.

Summer Camp

Why register your child with Positive Kids Camp

The Positive Kids Summer Camp is all about character and team building. It is a forum where children are encouraged to try new ways of problem solving and to step out of their boundaries in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Our team building activities will encourage increased communication skills, cooperation, trust, leadership traits and reflection among others. Our staff will work closely to supervise all activities and exercises. There will be opportunities for one to one as well as group activities during the camp season. Aside from this, your child will benefit from opportunities for:

Self-Discovery and Self-awareness

Increasing Self-Esteem and Confidence

Compliance and following rules

Learning to be a Team Player

Building social Skills

Handling interpersonal problems effectively

Making new friends

Gaining tools for emotional Regulation

What do your Summer Camps include?

The Positive Kids summer camp is a way of enjoying the simple pleasures of summer indoors and outdoors with a wide array of recreational facilities, camp practices and traditions like singing, dancing, games, outdoor playing, storytelling and so on. It is also can be a time of creating friendships and promoting positive experiences with and through other people. Here at positive Kids we offer a fun and safe learning environment for your Children.

Our goals are as follows:

Social Development

Help your child flourish socially and emotionally.

Character Growth

Learning what it means to be a loving being and a contributing member of society.


Learning to think in a manner that promotes development and growth

Interpersonal Skills

Teaching children to learn to coexist and work with others.

The experiences and skills that our campers will gain though Positive Kids camp are invaluable.

Life Long Skills

The skills gained through our camps will last throughout their lives. If you are looking for a camp which prides itself on teaching children quality content and providing meaningful experiences, you have come to the right place. Don’t wait! Call and secure you spot in your camp in today. Spaces fill up quickly and it is first come-first serve.

Group Dynamic

Come and join us in this fun learning experience! Our Campers ranges from 4 to 18 years old, you can expect a vast array of backgrounds at camp. It really does make for a unique blend of cultures and personalities! Check our promotional material for upcoming scheduled camp and registration details in the Toronto area. Yay to summer! Yes to Positive Kids Summer Camp!

If you are looking for a fun yet educational and uplifting camp for your child this summer, Contact Positive Kids Summer Camps.