Career Opportunities

At Positive Kids, we are always looking to add to our network of Providers. We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions.


Job Description:

 The role of  this individual will be to:

  • Provide consultation services to families
  •  Plan intervention programs
  •  Examine and assess behaviour to diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders
  •  Counsel children and parents to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development and adjustment
  •  Apply psychological theory and principles regarding behaviour and mental processes
  •  Administer standard psychological tests for assessment
  •  Interpret test results

Educational Conselors

Job Description:

Educational Counsellors work within our multidisciplinary team approach to focus on learning and academic challenges. Their focus is to help families identify  how best the child learns and to put a plan in place to action recommendations.  Educational counselors are also referred to as Executive Functioning Coaches- because they focus their efforts on working to improve executive functioning deficits such as time management, organization skills, task initiation, task completion, motivation, advocacy  etc. They also work on content when there is a need. Our educational counsellors have a Masters degree  in education often  complimented by specialized  training on ADHD.

Dyadic Coaches

Job Description:

Our dyadic coaches coordinate psycho-educational programs where children are paired  on the basis of age and presenting issue.  Dyadic coaches  focus on building interpersonal and intrapersonal skills with the goal of increasing EQ ( emotional intelligence) with the duo.  Coaching  sessions include  watching videos, playing games,  role playing and other fun activities to strenthen these skills.  Dyadic Coaches have an undergraduate degree in psychology, social work or other mental health discipline complimented by a history of working with children in group settings.


Job Description:

ADHD Tutors only work with children younger than 1o years of age.  The goal of  tutoring is  to help younger children with particular areas of the academic curriculum if they are falling  short or not meeting academic standards. The ADHD tutor concentrates particularly on   learning issues and  skills building such as writing, reading, and developing good learning habits.  An ADHD Tutor has an undergraduate degree in a particular a subject with training on ADHD and its implications.

Parenting Coaches

Our parenting coaches help families develop strategies to support their child’s success, confidence and happiness.

Our parent coaches are trained specifically on best practices that pertain to parenting a child diagnosed with ADHD.   We borrow our teachings from a myriad of research but always follow a strength-based perspective  that focuses on what parents need to do in order to  bring balance and calm into their family life. Our parent coaches are usually certified coaches with a background in mental health or  early childhood studies.




Our nutritionists work along side families of kids with  ADHD, and ADD.  In particular, their focus is assisting  children  with behavioural and learning difficulties as well as  food and chemical sensitivities to directly support them through the creation of a  nutritional  Health Plan.  Our   Nutritionists believe that  children with an ADHD /ADD diagnosis must be served and  approached as unique  individuals with unique needs so all health plans are personalized and tailored for individual children.  All our our nutritionists are registered a recognized and accredited educational institution.

If you believe you would be a good candidate for any of the posted positions, please send your resume to