social skills for kids with ADHD

Advantages of social skills training for kids with ADHD

By Fatima Malik


In social situations, some people naturally know how to read social cues and act accordingly, like when to speak up and when to listen. However, a kid with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) may struggle with social situations; they may find it challenging to make and keep friends because of their brain’s executive functioning impairment. 

The brain’s executive control (CEO) manages the child’s ability to wait their turn, avoid distractions, control their emotions, and use their working memory to respond in social settings. Compared to peers, the executive functions in children with ADHD can be delayed up to 30%.


Symptoms of ADHD in social interactions can include:


  • Difficulty listening to others
  • Missing pieces of information
  • Being distracted by background sounds or noises
  • Becoming overwhelmed and withdrawn


  • Frequently interrupting
  • Sharing scattered thoughts 
  • Being hyper-focused on a topic
  • Talking rapidly or excessively


  • Goofy behaviour at inappropriate times 
  • Entering others’ personal space 
  • Displaying aggression 
  • Initiating conversations or changing topics at inappropriate times

Professional Social Skills Sessions

Social skills training helps the child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) be less aggressive and impulsive, manage anger, and behave in a more socially acceptable way. 

Techniques include:

  • Coaching.
  • Role-playing.
  • Watching videos of positive behaviour.
  • Practicing ways to settle conflicts.

Social skills training uses specific steps and goals, such as learning how to:

  • Listen and engage in conversation.
  • Enter into new group situations.
  • Give and receive praise and criticism.
  • Cope with frustration.

Professional coaches can help your child better understand and handle social situations with consistent sessions. They’d learn skills that would help them later in life as well. As adults, they’d be able to make and sustain healthy relationships throughout their lives.

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