summer camps for kids with ADHD

Could summer camps be beneficial for your child with ADHD?

By Fatima Malik

Yes, especially if these summer camps are geared towards kids with ADHD. 


ADHD is the most common disorder diagnosed in kids. The symptoms of ADHD are known to get better over time as they grow older. 


The brain’s prefrontal cortex gets less blood flow causing a lack of executive control and self-regulation. The prefrontal cortex, also known as the ‘CEO’ part of the brain, determines the fullest level of personal development. Meaning low blood flow to it can cause slower growth and inhibit regulation of attention, behaviour and emotion.


Add to the lack of dopamine (the happy hormone), and you’re looking at a kid with low regulation of primarily negative emotions. It’s harder for kids with ADHD to find pleasure in things neurotypical kids do.

Why Summer Camps?

Setting them up in an environment that understands the nature of ADHD and works towards building skills to help them overcome some of the symptoms related to ADHD can benefit your child tremendously. This is why summer camps targeted towards kids with ADHD would be the most beneficial for your child’s development. 

Not only would they be learning skills to help them ‘think things through’ they would also be working on their social skills.


Kids with ADHD are usually uncomfortable in social situations because they cannot pick up on social cues. The lack of impulse control can make conversations harder to continue because they either zone out or interrupt at inappropriate times.


Kids can benefit a lot from controlled environments that are ADHD-focused. They would start to feel included, and it would boost their confidence.


Kids with ADHD lack confidence due to experiencing frequent failures. Children with ADHD experience 10x more failures in their lives than their neurotypical peers, causing low self-esteem and confidence.


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